I really don't mind doing a quick market analysis of your home---please call, text or e-mail me directly. Having extensive experience in real estate since 2001, I have become quite good at predicting how houses will sell and appraise, and truly enjoy doing it. It doesn't take me long, and I like doing the research! 

Also, if you would like me to come out to your house, I love meeting people and seeing houses, and can give great insight as to what really adds value and how best to prepare your house to sell.  I have even done that for folks just wanting to be prudent with their home improvements, at no cost and with no strings attached....it does not bother me, and I have extensive remodeling and construction experience as well as connections, so don't be afraid to call!

Each year, I help many of my clients with research for protesting their tax valuations, and will do that for free for you as well!


(972) 979-3580
Want to know how much your home is really worth? Apps are fun, but not very accurate---give me a call!